Space Oddity overflow stainless steel spa.

Space Oddity - Spa circolare

Space Oddity spa was created with a specific objective: to offer a high-end relaxation experience in a remarkable decorative object. To achieve this goal, the top priority was to design a product with a sleek aesthetic that could fit into both contemporary spaces and historical monuments.

Furthermore, Space Oddity had to be able to be installed in any location, indoor or outdoor, and designed with superior quality materials for increased weather resistance and easy maintenance.

Lastly, the aesthetics had to not compromise the user experience: a refined ergonomic design and quiet operation were essential for a superior relaxation and stress-relief experience.


This choice, initially motivated by aesthetic reasons, has many advantages:

– A stainless steel spa fits perfectly into its environment and enhances it. Stainless steel gives the water a unique color, and its silver color produce inimitable reflections that change depending of the environment, the lighting and the viewing angle.

– The material is also very pleasant to the touch. Its surface is both soft and non-slip, thanks in particular to the developed soft touch finish (glass micro-coating).

– Opting for a stainless steel spa means choosing the best material with the greatest longevity: 316L stainless steel (called marine stainless steel) is the material that best resists corrosion and the effects of time on a pool. This is why it is widely used in boating, pool construction and chemical or industrial installations.

– Maintenance a stainless steel spa is easy: stainless steel is a naturally hygienic and anti-allergenic material. Its non-porous surface prevents the proliferation of algae and bacteria, resulting in much healthier and clearer water.

– In addition, stainless steel is a 100% recyclable material. Finally, the structure of a stainless steel spa is very light. This is an important consideration when installing a spa on the terrace of a building.

AISY 316L stainless steel

AISI 316L stainless steel (known as Marine Quality) is certainly the material that best resists corrosion and the effects of weather on a spa. It is also solid, durable and recyclable. This is the steel generally used in boating, seaside constructions and chemical or industrial installations.

Also, opting for a spa in 316L stainless steel means choosing the best material with the greatest longevity.

Space Oddity is made from 100% 316L stainless steel. Both the parts in contact with water and the structural parts are made of the same stainless steel.

A demanding design that requires high levels of craftsmanship :

With its light and cheerful silhouette, Space Oddity reflects the avant-garde and optimistic spirit of its creator. This spa plays with gravity: Elegant silhouette with finesse.

The curved edges and capsular shapes of this overflow stainless steel spa give it a unique and instantly recognizable appearance. Its charm works all the more because it refers to an era of freedom and carelessness.


For practical reasons, such as a swimming pool, the necessary machinery such as pumps, water regulation and treatment devices are separated from the spa and installed in a technical room.

Having the necessary machinery in a separate technical room provides a lot of freedom when it comes to selecting equipment, maintaining it, and also allows for the possibility of upgrading the spa over time.

For increased comfort, the massage jets and air nozzles, which are exclusively made of 316L stainless steel, are welded to the walls and do not protrude into the tub. These elements are connected to the wall passages located in the buffer tank by flexible tubes. The entire system is always accessible.

The only elements that are independent of the structure are the two LED lights (white or RGB) for obvious maintenance reasons.

Ergonomics :

From the genesis of the project, Space Oddity had to avoid appearing as a massive object. If the curves and its capsular shape give the object its lightness, to avoid too imposing a height it was necessary to partially bury this spa. This has also made it possible to reduce its apparent height and it also facilitates access.

The seat of the spa is ergonomic. It is made of microblasted AISI 316L stainless steel. This bead blasting allows one to obtain a non-slippery surface but also a very pleasant soft touch. This finishing process also limits the scratches that users can cause.

Standard equimpent :

For optimal enjoyment of use, we wanted our spa to be quiet and easy to maintain. Also the technical elements are deported. The technical compartment, which occupies a space of approximately 1m2, should not be too far from the spa (6 meters maximum) in order to minimize pressure drops. Our system is intended for both private users and establishments open to the public. This system, in addition to the massage and blower pumps, includes a circulation pump, a sand filter, automatic regulation and ozone treatment of the spa water, the level management system, the heating system.

– Water regulation & treatment: My Ozonex regulator + ozonator– (Ozonex).

Linoxydable offers ozone water treatment for these spas, the most effective and healthiest system for your stainless steel spa. Filtered water is treated with ozone, a natural gas that has a very high disinfectant power: It destroys all organic matter, bacteria, germs and viruses. Its potential for decontaminating water is also far superior to that of chlorine. Ozone acts on pollutants by improving water transparency.

The water is perfectly sterilized, tasteless and odorless…

The Ozonex control system fully manages all spa operation. Everything is connected and the spa can be fully controlled from a smartphone or tablet.It is still possible to install hydraulic push buttons on the grating of the spa.

– The water level of our overflow spa with Regul’:

To ensure a perfect water surface of our stainless steel overflow spa, the BULLEUR manages the continuous overflow and the levels of the buffer tank.The BULLEUR, developed by REGULL’Électronique precisely calculates the water level by measuring pressure, without any electrical contact…

– Two controllable RGB LED or white LED spolights illuminate the spa for complete relaxation.

Options :

Specially designed for Space Oddity, the customization elements have been designed to intensify its aesthetics and ergonomics.

Customers thus have great freedom to customize their spa, resulting in unique creations perfectly suited to their desires and tastes

Exclusive colors :

The spa is offered in its original version entirely in stainless steel. The inside of the spa is bead blasted, the outside is polished. The outer part can however be painted with exclusive colors or even gilded with gold leaf.

Support for contemporary art :

In addition to the monochrome colors proposed for the dressing of Space Oddity, the possibility of collaborations with recognized artists or emerging artists who would use this spa as a support to create unique exceptional pieces or even signed and numbered limited editions is studied…

The grating :

The grille located at the level of the spa overflow is initially offered radiant in Ipé wood.

However, it is possible to choose other species or other materials (marble, granite, stone, etc.). Space Oddity will thus fit better into the location chosen for its installation.
In addition, this grating can be offered in a radiating or circular version.

My balneo :

In its original version, Space Oddity is equipped with blowers at the level of the bench and hydrojets for four users. The spa can be used as a simple Nordic bath, as a cold bath or as a classic spa.

The 100% stainless steel design of the spa allows the installation of massage nozzles on cash according to the wishes of each client: It is possible to adapt the number and position of each nozzle.