Linoxydable unveils its stainless steel spas.

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In 2021, Linoxydable, a brand specializing in the construction and installation of stainless steel swimming pools, is completing its offer to position itself on the high-end spa market. The brand is thus offering three new models: It’s a Beautiful Day, Perfect Day and Hurricane.

With its spas and swimming pools, Linoxydable opts for a sober and modern aesthetic, with a minimalist design. Olivier Felix Isselin, founder of the brand, specifies:

Function, simple shapes and beautiful materials are the keys to durability“.

Linoxydable spas are designed in AISI 316L stainless steel (known as marine stainless steel), a resistant material that makes them durable spas. Robust and hygienic, stainless steel spas are particularly suitable for public spaces, especially for commercial use.

Monobloc and self-supporting, these spas can be installed anywhere (indoors or outdoors, on any ground, provided that it supports the weight of the filled equipment), whether they are buried or above ground.

The insulation of these spas is made of cork, a natural rot-proof and insulating material.

For water treatment, these spas are equipped with the Ozonex system, offered by the Norman company of the same name. The water is treated with ozone. It makes it possible to treat it in a healthy, efficient and ecological way, while limiting the use of chemical products.

Linoxydable spas are distributed in France and internationally by the company itself. Visit the brand’s website for more information.

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