Why choose a stainless steel hot tub?

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Why choose a stainless steel hot tub?

(Spa de Beaute magazine – The magazine for spa beauty well-being health decision makers – jan 2022 – spa news section – p.72)

Linoxydable studies, designs and markets premium 316L stainless steel spas and swimming pools. With a minimalist design, each of its creations is designed to bring real added value in terms of efficiency, aesthetics and maintenance. The choice of a stainless steel spa is often motivated by aesthetic reasons. Indeed, a stainless steel hot-tube fits perfectly into its environment and enhances it. Stainless steel gives the water a unique color. Its silver color gives the spa water inimitable reflections that change according to the environment, the brightness and the angle of view. The contact of the material is also very pleasant. Its surface is both soft and non-slip thanks to its specific soft-touch finish. Opting for a stainless steel swimming pool means choosing the best material with the greatest longevity: 316L stainless steel (known as marine stainless steel) is the material that best resists corrosion and the consequences of time on your swimming pool. This is why it is widely used in boating, in seaside constructions and in chemical or industrial installations. Pool maintenance is easy: stainless steel is a naturally hygienic and also anti-allergenic material. Its non-porous surface prevents the proliferation of algae and bacteria for much healthier and clearer water In addition, stainless steel is a 100% recyclable material. Finally, the structure of a stainless steel spa is very light. This is an important parameter when it comes to an installation on the terrace of a building.

Taylor-made stainless steel pools.

You have a precise idea concerning the shape, the dimensions or the fittings of your swimming pool… Linoxydable accompanies you and offers you the possibility of building a swimming pool according to your design and your desires. Linoxydable imagines with you the pool that will fit best into your enironment. Linoxydable will be able to advise you and refine the design of the pool for an exceptional result. Linoxydable then realizes a premium swimming pool naturally giving an added aesthetic and heritage value to your wellness area. If the shape or size of the pool does not allow it to be transported in one block, then the pool will be made in several transportable elements. These elements will then be assembled and TIG welded in situ by the CDE’s mobile team. Communicate your expectations to Linoxydable who will offer you a tailor-made stainless steel pool, designed for you and according to your requirements.

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