Linoxydable stainless steel spas

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Linoxydable, specialist in stainless steel swimming pools, completes its offer and positions itself on the high-end spa market with four new models: It’s a Beautiful Day, Perfect Day and Come Together.

These spas are entirely made of AISI 316L stainless steel, known as marine stainless steel. This allows them to withstand the use of time and the humid environment.

Monobloc and self-supporting, these hot tubs can be installed indoors or outdoors, buried, semi-buried or above ground. Their lightness allows them to be easily installed almost anywhere.

The water treatment of these spas is ensured by an ozone treatment, an effective, healthy and ecological solution? The water is perfectly sterilized, without taste or smell.

The insulation of these spas is made of cork, a rot-proof natural material with high insulating power.

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