Swimeo, counter-current swimming turbine.

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Linoxydable offers, for its 316L stainless steel swimming pools, Swiméo, the new counter-current swimming technology, offered by the company Sirem (Lyon / Rhône-Alpes / France). Present for 30 years in the swimming pool and well-being sector, Sirem has acquired experience in the development of electrical systems operating in wet or submerged environments.

The integrated Swimeo counter-current swimming turbine is the ideal accessory to combine with our stainless steel pools, in particular our mini-pools or our small models: It offers the possibility of using your pool as a training pool and swimming on place continuously.


More powerful than conventional jets or counter-current swimming pumps,
Swimeo is the best compromise between power, price and swimming comfort.



Features :

  • Performance: a thrust of 250 m3/hour or 400 m3/h for intensive training.
  • Silent: no noise perceived by the swimmer or bathers.
  • No maintenance required.
  • Invisible, Swimeo fits into a niche welded to the wall of the pool: The holes necessary for the arrival and departure of the water are laser cut.

The Swiméo turbine is completely submerged in water. It is composed of a turbine (1100W) and its fixing system and is connected to an electrical box placed in the technical room.

Finally, the control is easy and is done via a remote control and/or a bluetooth connection kit.


A solution for the whole family:

Swimeo swimming turbine offers a longer flow than current solutions on the market ranging from 75 cm to 1.5 m.

Each swimmer can adjust the power of the counter-current by adjusting the speed and by positioning themselves more or less close to the turbine.


A solution for all swimmers:

The Swimeo water flow allows you to work on all strokes from beginner to amateur sports level.

Intensive sports training or fitness, Swimeo is the essential accessory for your lap pool.



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