“It’s a beautiful day” stainless steel spa

Our It’s a Beautiful Day stainless steel spa is characterized by its simplicity: a sleek design at the service of functionality

You have seating or / and reclining places …

The inclination of the seat and backrest as well as our soft touch treatment of 316L stainless steel ensure great user comfort.

The positioning of the oriented nozzles allows gentle or powerful massages and in depth.

This Linoxydable spa can be offered to you in a bare version, that is to say fitted or built-in for a perfect integration into your well-being space … But you can also opt for our wooden or ready-to-tile claddings.


    • size: 2m20 x 2m20
    • height 90 cm tubular
    • structure + basin: 316L stainless steel

Standard equipment:

    • BALBOA heater (3kw):
It keeps the water at the ideal temperature all year round. Filtration pump + cartridge filter: OZONEX water regulation and treatment: SMART’OZO ozonator with integrated automatic PH / ORP regulator – (Ozonex). (more informations).
    • Balneotherapy:
16 aero-massage nozzles + Blower – 12 hydro-massage jets + massage pump.
    • Light therapy:
4 controllable RGB LED spotlights illuminate the spa for complete relaxation.
    • BALBOA control unit.

Options & Accessories:

    • Lining :
Choose the lining for your spa so that it blends in perfectly with your environment. Finishes offered: wood (various species), ready to tile (Wedi) or customized panels.
    • My-balneo :
If we have designed our spas for the greatest comfort of all, we also offer a “tailor-made” option and position the massage nozzles according to your morphology.
    • Delivery and installation:
We offer the delivery and/or installation of your pool on site, if necessary, whether in France or abroad.  

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