The water treatment of our spas with Ozone:

Ozone, water treatment - 3 minutes to read
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Linoxydable offers water treatment with ozone, the most effective and healthiest system for your stainless steel spa.

Filtered water is treated with ozone, a natural gas which has a very high disinfectant power: It destroys all organic matter, bacteria, germs and viruses. Its potential for decontaminating water is also far superior to that of chlorine. Ozone acts on pollutants by improving water transparency.

The water is then perfectly sterilized, without taste or smell.

OZONE, what is it?

Ozone or trioxygen (O₃) is a molecule made up of three oxygen atoms, of which it constitutes an unstable allotropic form. It is therefore an energetic oxidant, an excellent biocide, which has been and is still widely used in the purification of water as a replacement for bleach because its instability prevents any persistence (drinking water, waste water, swimming pools …).

Ozone production: the ozonator.



Ozone is an unstable gas, so it is produced directly in the technical room by means of a machine: the ozonator. It works with electricity and sucks in the ambient air (while the filtration pump is running) to dry it before an electric discharge transforms it into ozone by breaking down the oxygen molecules contained in the sucked in ambient air. , the action is called “corona effect”.







Water treatment with ozone: how it works.

Once created, the ozone is injected into the filtration circuit. Ozone destroys everything in its path. It is more effective than other types of chemical treatments. All microorganisms (bacteria, germs, algae and viruses) are literally destroyed.

It begins to oxidize algae from 50 micro-grams of ozone per liter of water (µg/l), so it is the most radical oxidant on the market.

To prevent ozone from returning to the spa, the Ozonex system uses the existing pressure between the filter and the filtration pump. Ozone being unstable recomposes into oxygen (0₂) automatically. Thus there is no possibility of finding ozone in the pool water.

The afterglow of the spa:

A spa has an obligation of persistence: the water must be disinfected but also disinfectant. So, it is just necessary to add a very small quantity of a residual oxidant such as chlorine or bromine. This minimal contribution is automated by the automatic pH / ORP & home automation regulator.


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