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integrated stainless steel skimmer

Linoxydable has designed integrated skimmers in 316L stainless steel for its swimming pools and spas.

Usually offered in a mirror version, it provides maximum water height for a minimalist rendering (see photograph opposite with stainless steel pool coping). However, it remains possible to position it more classically.

What is the skimmer?

The skimmer or surface skimmer is, like the bottom drain and the robot intake, an entry point to the hydraulic system of the pool.

Its essential function is to skim the surface of the water to remove large impurities such as vegetation, detritus, moss, insects, etc. A removable basket acts as a prefilter and stores the largest waste, while the finer particles are sucked up by a pump, then directed to the pump and then the filter. And it is the latter that is responsible for ridding the water of its smallest impurities.

Other functions of the skimmer:

  • Distribution of treatment products:

The skimmer is the ideal place to put the treatment products because it allows them to be diluted when the water passes through the filtration device. It has the advantage of better diluting the products in the pool and thus avoiding areas of overconcentration. Indeed, some products, such as chlorine tablets, are too aggressive. If they are placed in the pool and therefore in direct contact with the coating, they risk damaging it.

  • Overflow evacuation:

Skimmers are usually equipped with an overflow to which you can connect a hose to drain excess water and prevent the pool from overflowing.

  • Suction nozzle:

The skimmer sucks up water from your pool. The suction nozzle can be used to connect cleaning accessories (vacuum broom or certain models of non-autonomous hydraulic robots).

  • Water flow regulation:

Some skimmers are equipped with a flow regulator cap allowing the flow to be regulated thanks to an adjustable cap which modulates the flow of water according to that of the pump.

Location of the skimmer:

The skimmer must be sealed on the wall opposite to those where the discharge nozzles are located. We generally try to position it facing the prevailing winds in order to take advantage of the current generated and thus promote the evacuation of impurities.

It may be necessary to install several skimmers. Their number and location are then determined according to the shape of the pool, its volume and the useful suction capacity for proper operation of the filtration system.

The height of a skimmer depends on the level of the water line. It must not exceed the skimmers which must always be placed on it. If its opening is under water, it will not be effective.

Skimmer maintenance:

Regularly clean the skimmer baskets because if they are too dirty, they will suck up less water and filter the water less efficiently.

The skimmer is surely one of the easiest elements of your pool to clean. Simply remove the basket to get rid of the residue then rinse the basket with clean water before putting it back in place.

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