Hurricane, the swim spa.

stainless steel lap pool

Our Hurricane stainless steel swim spa is designed for sports training & relaxation.

Its sleek design and design are unique and ensure great comfort of use and optimal performance.

The Swimeo integrated swimming turbine is both powerful and silent, allowing real swimming comfort.

Small in size (less than 10m2) our swim spa generally does not require administrative authorization for its installation.

Hurricane is a monobloc and self-supporting AISI 316L stainless steel lap pool : it can be installed buried, semi-above ground, or completely above ground.

Hurricane, stainless steel lap pool

technical informations:

Swimeo : counter-current swimming technology:

Linoxydable integrate, for its 316L stainless steel Lap pool, Swimeo, the new silent counter-current swimming technology, proposed by Sirem. Present for 30 years in the swimming pool sector, Sirem has acquired experience in the development of electrical systems operating in wet or submerged environments.

The integrated Swimeo swimming turbine is the ideal accessory to combine with our stainless steel pools.It allows you to practice sports swimming on site and therefore maintain your good physical condition.

More powerful than conventional jets or counter-current swimming pumps,

Swimeo is the best compromise between power and swimming comfort.

Options & Accessories:

Ozonex: the water treatment for your stainless steel plunge pool : 

Linoxydable recommends and offers for all its stainless steel spas & swimming pools the treatment of water by ozone, the most effective and healthiest system for your stainless steel swimming pool.

Filtered water is treated with ozone, a natural gas with a much higher disinfection potential than chlorine. It destroys all organic matter, bacteria, germs and viruses. Ozone acts on pollutants by improving water transparency. Finally, it is a means of eliminating stubborn earthy, musty or pharmaceutical odors without leading to the appearance of tastes as is the case for chlorinated derivatives. >> more informations.

The water is then perfectly sterilized, without taste or smell.

Lining :

Choose the lining for your spa so that it blends in perfectly with your environment. 

Finishes offered: wood (various species), ready to tile (Wedi) or customized panels.

My-balneo :

If we have designed our spas for the greatest comfort of all, we also offer a « tailor-made » option and position the massage nozzles according to your morphology.

Delivery and installation:

We offer the delivery and/or installation of your pool on site, if necessary, whether in France or abroad.

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