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The swimming pool is a place of relaxation but also a space for sports practice at home. Swim against the current is a pool equipment that allows sports swimming in a small pool. Indeed, although very playful, a small swimming pool or a mini-pool does not allow this activity. A length of 10 to 11 m is the minimum required. So, the solution lies in the installation of an NCC: Indeed, the water current generated by the pump allows you to swim in a hover.

In addition, it is also an accessory for invigorating and invigorating massage relaxation. Some jet models also offer balneotherapy. In addition to the brewed water, the device then captures the ambient air to restore it in the form of air bubbles, with directional water jets.

Operation of Counter-Current Swimming:

A swim-against-the-current is a hydraulic circuit independent of the filtration. The counter-current swimming pump draws water from the pool and the return nozzle returns it under pressure to the pool. The flow rate of the pump is adjustable according to the desired use.

Alongside multi-jet systems, there are also swim turbines which are better suited for sports swimming.


Strong variation in pH to be expected because the mixing of the water releases carbon dioxide. Then many counter-current models can be noisy…

What power ?

The pump of counter-current brews from 40 to more than 700m3/h for the most powerful.

For a beginner swimmer, a 45 m3/h single nozzle counter-current is sufficient. For sports use, it is necessary, at least, to consider an installation with a flow rate of at least 2 x 70 m3/h and possibly combine it with a swimming belt.


There are two types of counter-current:

Swimming against the current Outboard or out of the water:

Monoblock, it can be installed on existing swimming pools. It consists of a one-piece shell equipped with the pump and the discharge nozzles. This swimming pump is fixed on the edge of the swimming pool: beach or edge. Part of the swim counter-current is submerged and the other part is to be firmly fixed to the edge of the pool.

Integrated counter-current swimming:

It must be foreseen from the construction of the basin. Discreet because it is integrated into the pool, it should preferably be installed on the wall opposite the skimmers or the overflow.

Counter-current requires the installation of a niche with the parts to be sealed. A facade and the suction and discharge nozzles are sealed to the pool wall. It is advisable to place the counter-current swimming pump against the pool in order to limit pressure drops.

If you winterize your swimming pool, you will also need to winterize your counter-current swimming equipment: drain the water, block the water inlets/outlets.

Our choice :

Linoxydable has chosen the latest technology offered by the Sirem group: Swimeo. It is a silent and powerful submerged turbine. It is the ideal option for small pools and mini pools. Indeed, it becomes possible to use your swimming pool as a training pool and to swim on site continuously.

Invisible: we integrate the Swimeo counter-current swimming turbine in a niche welded to the walls of our stainless steel pools. The holes necessary for the arrival and departure of the water are laser cut in the walls of the pool.

We offer Swimeo as an option for all our pools. >>> more informations.



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